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Chloe and Ben

A real life story

I was contacted by Chloe and Ben by email in February 2024 to see if I was available on the date they had chosen to be their Wedding Celebrant. They felt that I was 'the right person for them'. This was lovely to hear as a Wedding Celebrant works closely with a couple to make sure that the Wedding Ceremony is exactly what the couple wants, so a close relationship does (or should!) develop. I checked with them they had booked a legal wedding at a local Register Office and they confirmed they are having a legal wedding with the required two witnesses (2+2) just under 2 months before the ceremony with me. They paid me a deposit (50%) to secure the date and we agreed to meet. 

Bride and Groom

Next steps

I arranged to meet Chloe and Ben in a public place for our first meeting as soon as both parties could make it. This gave them chance to meet me, discuss what they wanted for their ceremony, an opportunity for me to suggest some ideas, and for them to decide if indeed I was the right person for them.  I also took details of the photographer for their Ceremony so that I can work with her on the day to make sure she captures the key moments of their Wedding Ceremony. I am pleased to say it was a lovely sunny day and the meeting went very well.

We parted ways and I then wrote up notes from our meeting with all the key information and drafted the ceremony wording for them.  Meeting both of them definitely helped me with the phrasing and wording of the ceremony to reflect their personalities. I emailed the notes and ceremony wording to them along with some ideas of wording for vows and their ring exchange for their approval. 

Chloe and Ben made some lovely additions (including their own personal story of how they met), inserted the vows and ring exchange words they wanted, confirmed the ceremony script and emailed me back with all the information.

I am now meeting them in June 2024 at their family farm to see where the wedding ceremony is going to take place.  This is important so both Chloe and Ben and myself are prepared for the day of the Wedding Ceremony. I also want to make sure I know exactly where I am going so I don't get lost on the day itself! In the ceremony we are also having a 'Wedding Ritual' involving Chloe and Ben standing facing North, South, East and West in sequence, so we all want to make sure we know which way is which before the ceremony day itself. They have plans for wet/dry weather (fingers crossed for a dry, sunny day!).  I'm also hoping to be introduced to Ken (their dog who they are considering to be the ring bearer!).

I'll keep you informed of the next steps. Caro x

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