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Wedding/Vow Renewal Rituals

Many couples choose to have a special ritual to celebrate & symbolise their union.  We can discuss ideas together and I will write the wording of the ceremony in collaboration with you both to incorporate what the ritual means for you both.

Examples are a handfasting ceremony using ties/fabric/ribbons of your choice, a sand ceremony (to unite your families & include any children), a ring blessing (involving family & friends), or even a tree planting.


This can be included as part of the main Wedding Ceremony or Vow Renewal Ceremony & is a lovely way to unite and have a keepsake of your special day full of happy memories, especially if it is video recorded.

Wedding ceremony moment, bride and groom's hands tied with white ribbons, white wedding dr

Handfasting ritual

Wedding sand ceremony on the beach. Newlyweds pour sand into a bottle..jpg

Sand Ceremony

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